Club Progression Article Series: part one

By: Sarah Tourville The clubs this year are so amazing. The teachers are encouraging their students to do their best and showing us real-life skills. Throughout this article, we are going to be representing three different clubs that are meeting every other Tuesday. These clubs include the Newspaper, the photography club, and the Family and … Continue reading Club Progression Article Series: part one


Susquehannock performs “Puffs”

By: Ava Silliman Puffs was performed from Friday, November 22nd to Sunday, November 24th. Puffs, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a certain school of Magic and Magic, is based on Harry Potter but is centered around the Puffs, who dislike Harry Potter. Puffs is the story of a young Hufflepuff who attended this school. … Continue reading Susquehannock performs “Puffs”